Removing a Backyard Playground? 3 New Projects Landscapers Can Help With

21 October 2016
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As your young children grow up, it's likely that they will stop using the backyard playground that you had built or put in all those years ago. Whether you've decided to simply tear it down or are selling it somebody, it's a good idea to start thinking about what you're going to do with the space once it's cleared out. While you can certainly do all the work yourself, a landscape designer can be a huge help when you want your finished yard to be look great and be as functional for your needs as possible. Read More 

Three Tips For When You Want To Protect The Slope Of A Steep Hill Via Hydroseeding

22 September 2016
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If you have a big patch of bare soil on your property and want to brighten it up a bit, hydroseeding may be right for you. Hydroseeding is a process by which a worker uses a specialized hose to spray a seed-and-water mix on the ground. In particular, if you want to prevent soil erosion and enhance the appearance of a steep hill via hydroseeding, these three tips are great for you. Read More 

Dead Trees In Your Yard? 4 Reasons Why You Need To Get Rid Of Them

7 August 2016
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If you've got dead trees around your house, you need to have them removed. Dead trees aren't just unsightly, they're a hazard – to you and to the other trees you might have growing in your yard. You don't have to put up with the unsightly nuisance. Tree removal services will get rid of the trees. They'll even remove the stump for you. Here are four reasons why you need to get rid of the dead trees. Read More 

Three Big Uses Of Landscaping In Civil Engineering

4 August 2016
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If you are someone with an interest in land design, read on to consider how civil engineers use landscaping as a physical part of projects. When civil engineers start drafting big plans, they often use landscaping as one part of the engineering sketches and land use blueprints that they present to municipalities and other stakeholders. Civil engineers have to create physical spaces in very specific ways — and trees, shrubs and other landscaping play a major role in these projects. Read More 

FAQ About A Topographic Land Survey

27 July 2016
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Are you thinking about purchasing a certain piece of land for home construction? If you want to make sure that your house will stand stable on the land, you might want to hire a professional to perform a topographic land survey. This article will answer a few of the questions that you may have in regards to getting a topographic land survey. Why Should a Topographic Land Survey Be Done? Read More