4 Possible Reasons Your Sprinkler System Has Low Water Pressure

24 July 2020
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If the sprinkler system in your yard has low water pressure, the system can't work well enough to keep your lawn lush and healthy. A few things can cause the pressure to drop in the sprinkler system, so it can be challenging to unravel the problem. Here are some possible causes and fixes for low sprinkler pressure.

1. The System Is Clogged

Your sprinkler system might get a clog in a water supply line or a sprinkler head. The clog could be due to debris or soil. It could also be due to a crushed line that blocks water flow. If the problem is clogged sprayer heads, you'll probably have a few that have low pressure and others that have normal pressure.

You can take the heads out of the ground and clean them to see if that fixes the problem. If the heads are clean, the problem may be in a water supply line. You may want to call a sprinkler repair service to locate the clog and use the best method of clearing the line.

2. There's an Overall Drop in Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your sprinklers is weak, check the water pressure indoors first. If the pressure from your faucets is low too, there could be a problem with your plumbing, such as a bad pressure regulator valve. Call a sprinkler repair person to locate the source of the problem and make repairs to boost the water pressure. You may also want to call your city to see if there is a problem with the municipal supply that's causing your water pressure to be low.

3. The Backflow Preventer Is Clogged

Your sprinkler system probably has a backflow preventer valve that keeps water from the sprinkler lines from backing up in your indoor plumbing. If the backflow valve isn't fully open, or if it is clogged with bits of soil, water can't flow through with as much pressure. The valve itself could even be bad and need to be replaced. Since the valve is there to protect your indoor drinking water from contamination, it's important to get prompt repairs when the valve goes bad or malfunctions.

4. The System Has a Leak

A leak in the sprinkler system will cause some sprinkler heads to have low pressure or not work at all depending on the location of the leak. A leak might be easy to identify if the water is bubbling to the surface of your lawn. If you have no idea where the leak is located, call a sprinkler repair service like A Ronnow Lawn Sprinkler, Inc. They can isolate the problem and dig up the damaged line to make repairs.