Tips For Keeping People Off Your Retaining Wall

26 November 2019
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When you build a retaining wall in your yard, you want its structural integrity to remain for a long time. There are a handful of things that can threaten your retaining wall over time, but one overt concern is people walking on it. Generally, you don't want people to step on or next to the retaining wall, as this can push the bricks or paver stones that you've used for the wall out of alignment and eventually cause it to topple over. Unfortunately, the placement of your retaining wall may make it tempting for people to walk on. Here are some tips for keeping people off this structure.

People Who Might Go On It

If you have children, they might be eager to climb on your new retaining wall and jump off it. Ideally, you'll be able to explain to them that you don't want them on the wall, and this should curb their behavior. There are other people who might walk across the retaining wall, however. Depending on the wall's position in your yard, your mail carrier or newspaper delivery person might climb over the wall to get to the neighbor's house faster. Children who wait for the school bus close to your home may also climb on the wall when their parents aren't watching.

Why You Don't Want People On It

The biggest reason that you don't want people walking or climbing on your retailing wall is that they may damage it. A retaining wall can be a costly and time-consuming project to complete, so the idea of having to repair it prematurely is hugely unappealing. There are other reasons to keep people off this structure, though. Anyone who climbs on the retaining wall is at risk of falling off. A fall from a retaining wall that is even just a couple of feet tall could lead to an injury, and this could prompt the victim to sue you.

How To Keep People Off

There are several different ways that you can discourage people from approaching your retaining wall. One option is to post a sign, but this can be an eyesore. Another option is to install a fence or handrail-style structure atop the retaining wall. Doing so can physically block people from climbing over the wall. You might also wish to consider planting a garden at the top or the base of the retaining wall. Choosing plants that are visually beautiful but have thorns, such as roses, can compel people to stay away.

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