Fall Yard Maintenance To Prepare For Winter

24 August 2019
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Though the hot days of summer are still lingering on, before long, the leaves on your trees will start to change and the frost will appear in your yard. Your yard and home will need to receive some specific cafe to make sure it makes it through winter with the best results. Here are some fall yard tips to maintain and prepare it and your home exterior for winter.

Take Care of Your Trees

Wintertime and its heavy snowfall and ice storms can put extra stress and strain on your trees. And when your yard trees are already suffering from dead limbs and weak sections of wood, they can be at risk of winter breakage. If your home, outdoor structures, power lines, or vehicles are anywhere below a tree that is susceptible to breakage, you could be dealing with a great deal of damage. 

Talk to a tree professional about trimming your trees to prepare them for winter storms. Whether your tree is a larger and older tree or a smaller new-growth tree, they can have branches and even entire sections that need a professional trimming. Your tree professional can also determine a tree's health and if it is suffering from a treatable disease or infestation that needs to be treated.

A large or beautiful shade tree in your yard has value to your property and you want to save it whenever possible. Simply cutting down an entire tree because it is a potential hazard is damaging to the environment and a waste of many years of tree growth.

Go to websites of tree service companies to learn more.

Clean Your Roof Gutters

Another area in your home's outside that needs to be serviced is your roof drainage system. As your tree's leaves change colors and fall off, they can collect on your roof and into your gutter system, clogging it and preventing it from working properly. In the winter when snow and ice build up, your roof gutters will become jammed and can lead to ice dam formation, which is damaging to your shingles and roofing layers.

It is recommended to clean out your gutters several times each year, but it is especially important to do this in the fall when all the leaves come loose. And the more trees you have in your yard, the more your roof gutters will become cluttered and clogged. You can hire a gutter or roof specialist to clean out the twigs and leaves that collect inside the gutter to make sure it drains rainfall properly from your roof.