Have Acres Of Land? 3 Ways To Landscape It Beautifully

15 July 2019
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Many homeowners would envy someone who has a large acreage of land to landscape. Although such a big piece of property is a blessing on many levels, it does create challenges for landscaping. Many normal landscape elements can be washed out or underwhelming in a large space. Edges may appear unkempt or undefined, and maintenance can be costly and time-intensive. 

If you find yourself facing these large property challenges, here are three ways you can get your lot in order.

1. Layer Inward

Layering effects solve three common problems of large, open spaces. Layering generally involves using two or three rows of greenery leading inward from the border. The outer row consists of large and bushy trees or bushes. Then, place a row of medium-sized greenery in front of that. Finally, add a third or fourth layer of smaller or thinner plants in front. What does all this do for a big yard?

First, this layering method creates a defined border around your properly. Even something as simple as a row of tall trees delineates what's yours and what's not. Secondly, layers establish privacy — from people and even from wildlife intruders — in an attractive and non-intrusive way. Finally, multiple layers help bring the edges of the land a little closer and makes them feel softer. 

2. Create Zones

Zoning is a good way to make use of a large piece of land. Zones within landscape are discreet spaces — each with some type of border — that serve different purposes. Depending on how you use your land, you may include zones for things like outdoor entertainment, sports or family games, kids' play, dog runs, horse pastures, or gardening.

Break up your land into purpose-driven zones using a variety of border materials and methods. A rail fence with vines or bushes makes a great border for animal areas as well as outdoor game zones. Knee or retaining walls, low hedges, and planters beautifully decorate and give definition to entertainment areas. The mix is up to your style and budget. 

3. Use a Focal Point

A single large focal point in an open space can bring the entire acre together. That focal point could be a big gazebo with paths leading to it. It may be a fun maze design with a relaxing space in the center. It might be a large water feature or a grove of aspen trees that rustle in the wind. Choose something that makes you happy, but make sure it's large and exciting enough to attract attention from all points on the land. 

Which of these methods would work best for your land? If you're not sure to proceed, consult with an experienced landscaping contractor company in your area. They can help you bring out the best in your property, no matter how much of it you have to work with.