3 Tips To Help The Gardner Not Blessed With A Green Thumb

19 January 2017
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If you don't have a green thumb and you are constantly working with your lawn and seeing poor results, then it is time to bring in some help. In this case, the help is from special tools and equipment that will help you be a better gardener. While you could hire a landscaper, you might take pride in creating a beautiful green lawn on your own. That is certainly possible as long as you have the right tools at hand. So, here are a few things you should get.

Use A Fertilizer Spreader

If you have been spreading fertilizer using a plastic cup, then you are doing it wrong. This results in a poor overall coverage of your lawn. You fill the cup with fertilizer pellets and then fling them across the lawn, or worse, you dump them in batches. This creates areas where there will be lots of fertilizer, as well as areas where there will be almost no fertilizer. The end result is that the lawn will suffer. If you dump too much fertilizer in one area, you might even burn the grass (depending on weather or not you are using a nitrogen rich fertilizer). Use too little fertilizer, and the grass will wither.

The solution is to get a fertilizer spreader. These are devices that have a wheel and hopped design. You fill the hopper with fertilizer and then roll the spreader around your lawn. It will drop the fertilizer in a uniform way. As long as you move the device around the entire lawn (and don't simply move it back and forth in one place) you will achieve an even distribution of fertilizer.

Get An Aerating Machine

You also need to aerate the soil. If the soil is too compacted, then the fertilizer won't get down into the roots. Compacted soil can also cause water to pool up and rot the grass. If you have kids who run around and play on your law, then you definitely need to aerate it. Now, old time gardeners were comfortable using pitchforks, but if you are hesitant because you're afraid of cutting up too much of the lawn, then you need to get an aerating machine. These look similar to lawn mowers, except they have spikes that poke the dirt instead of blades that cut grass. These are excellent because you don't have to worry about ruining the sod by spiking up too much soil.

Have A Sprinkler System Installed

Finally, if you find that you both forget to water your lawn and when you do water it you sometimes over soak the soil, then you need to bring in a landscaping company and have them install a sprinkler system. These are automated, so you won't forget to water the lawn. They will even water the lawn while you are away on vacation. Another great benefit is that they won't over soak the soil. The sprinkler heads are evenly spaced around your lawn and they will produce a fine spray of water that nourishes the grass instead of drenching it. You can have the sprinklers set on a timer so that they "pop" up from the ground when they are ready to spray the water, and then retract back into the soil when the watering is done. This way you won't have to worry about anyone tripping on the sprinkler heads.

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