FAQ About A Topographic Land Survey

27 July 2016
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Are you thinking about purchasing a certain piece of land for home construction? If you want to make sure that your house will stand stable on the land, you might want to hire a professional to perform a topographic land survey. This article will answer a few of the questions that you may have in regards to getting a topographic land survey.

Why Should a Topographic Land Survey Be Done?

One of the purposes of a topographic land survey is to discover the exact boundaries of piece of land. For instance, even if the land you are considering buying is large, it does not mean that you can legally use all of it. If you build outside the boundaries in the slightest amount, it can lead to you having to remove what was constructed, such as a fence. Another purpose for a topographic land survey is to make sure your house will not be at risk for collapsing due to soil being unleveled or shifting.

What Kind of Equipment Will Be Used?

There are various types of equipment that can be used for a topographic land survey, but it depends on the type of information you want to obtain. For instance, a measuring rope might be used for determining how much land you will actually own. Another device that is commonly used is an elevating tripod for measuring how level the ground is. For smaller pieces of land, a commercial measuring tape might be used.

Which Areas of the Land Will Be Surveyed?

Due to you needing to building a house on the land that you might buy, several things above and below the ground will be measured. For instance, the rocks below the surface of the ground will be survey to determine how long they have been in place. Trees, wells and water bodies might be surveyed about the ground. The surveyor can determine what is natural or man-made, as it is important for figuring out if the soil is at risk for shifting in an extreme manner.

How Much Does a Topographic Land Survey Cost?

The estimated minimum hourly rate that is charged for a topographic land survey is $50. However, the hourly rate can go over $200 if the land is large and complex to survey. Make an appointment with a topo surveying contractor so he or she can survey the land you have in mind for building a house on.