How A Hardscaping Company Can Help Make Your Cold And Sterile Hardscape Livelier

24 June 2016
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If the previous owner of your property went overboard with hardscaping (i.e., nary a square inch of something green and growing, a veritable cement and concrete yard), then you might want to revamp things just a little. A hardscaping company can help you redesign your concrete "yard" and balance it out with more greenery. Here is how the hardscaping company can help.

Pulling up a Lot of the Concrete/Cement

The hardscapers may keep some concrete or cement, as is the case with walkways and your driveway. If you also have a basketball or tennis court on your property and you do not want to keep these, the hardscapers can remove these as well. Once all of this concrete and cement is removed from your yard, the hardscapers can begin looking at replacing some of the grass, planting trees or installing gazebos and water fountains, if you would prefer.

Installing Other, More Attractive Structures

Hardscaping is not all about concrete, cement and asphalt. In fact, there are several other structures and decorative garden details included with hardscaping. After you pull up a lot of the concrete left behind by the previous owner, you can decide how and what to save, what to install in its place and how to make it more decorative. For example, if you want to leave some smaller slabs of concrete in the backyard, you can acid-stain or stamp them so they are not so bland or boring. This adds color and interest to what would otherwise just be very utilitarian.

Using Decorative Curbing with Greenery

Most homeowners like to have some pretty flowers or greenery growing along their fences. You could pull up some concrete/cement and trade it in for the greenery along your fence, you can still include some decorative curbing to frame the greenery and flowers. The curbing is offered in a variety of shapes and colors. Just ask your hardscaping expert about the different types and styles of curbing and how it can be incorporated into your newly-designed yard.

Enhancing an In-Ground Pool

If part of the hardscape taking over your yard involves a pool, then the hardscaping company can suggest ways to enhance this area too. Adding water slides, beach umbrellas, protective pool fences with locking gates and even lights for night swimming all fall under a hardscape designer's skill set. You may even add a lot of natural sand over the top of the concrete or cement around the pool to hide excess concrete/cement and make the pool more inviting.

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