Successfully Eliminate Wild Onion Weeds From Your Lawn

20 November 2015
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If wild onions (blades of onion grass) are growing on your property, you may be unhappy with how much faster these weeds grow than the rest of your lawn and the unpleasant smell that they emit. Eliminate these problematic weeds with the following steps. Once you have finished, plant grass seed in any bare spots on your property and water them daily in order to achieve a lawn that is lush, green, and inviting.


  • hand weeder
  • trash bag
  • herbicide
  • paintbrush
  • compost
  • lime
  • rake
  • grass seed
  • water hose

Use A Hand Weeder And Apply Herbicide 

Unlike many other weeds, wild onions begin growing late in the year and continue thriving throughout the winter and spring. Treat your lawn during any of the fall months for the best results. Each group of wild onion weeds will be attached to deep-rooted bulbs that are clumped together. For this reason, using a hand weeder will be convenient. Many hand weeders are designed to remove weeds with deep roots and will cause little soil disturbance surrounding the wild onions. Dispose of all of the weeds after they have been removed.

If a large group of wild onions are growing closely together and you find that it is too time consuming to remove them solely with the hand weeder, apply herbicide to each weed. The herbicide will kill the wild onions within a few days, loosening the roots, and making it easier to remove the weeds with the tool.

Be very careful when applying the herbicide, however, because it can harm other plants surrounding the wild onions that it comes into contact with. Use a small paintbrush to apply the herbicide if you are having difficulty aiming the product directly at the wild onions.

Add Nutrients To The Soil 

If the nutrient content of the soil on your property is low, you can ward off new wild onion weeds by adding compost or lime across your yard. Either product will add organic matter to the soil and decrease its acidity, making the conditions unfavorable for wild onion weeds. Apply the compost or lime according to its package's directions. Use a rake to assist with spreading the product evenly. 

Plant Grass Seed

In the spring, inspect your lawn for any bare spots where the wild onions previously were growing. Purchase a bag of grass seed and sprinkle it liberally over the barren areas. Water the lawn daily. Soon, you will see new blades of grass growing in the areas that were once bare. Continue caring for your lawn by mowing the grass regularly. Unattractive weeds will no longer be a problem and you will have a lawn that you can be proud of. 

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