A Few Options For An Eco-Friendly Lawn

10 November 2015
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Taking care of your lawn can be harming the environment if you are not practicing eco-friendly lawn care. Even if you are using natural pesticides and fertilizers, the tools you use and the way you mow your grass can be causing trouble. To ensure you are not causing more harm than good when taking care of your yard, here are a few tips for an eco-friendly lawn.


Gas or electric-powered lawn mowers, hedge clippers and leaf blowers are using natural resources or polluting the air. While they may make the work easier, it is better for the environment when you use manual tools, such as a reel mower, hand-operated clippers and a rake. Of course, there are also solar-powered lawn mowers and other garden tools. These tools are battery operated and the batteries can be recharged using solar power.

Grass Height

Instead of mowing your lawn every time it gets higher than an inch or two in the summer, wait until it gets at least three inches tall before cutting it. The added height allows the grass to produce more food during photosynthesis, provide shade for any new blades and to keep weeds from growing and taking all the nutrients from the soil. Once the weather cools down, and the grass is not growing as fast or at all, mow it shorter to keep mice and other rodents from making a winter home in it. This will also allow the roots to grow deeper without having to feed the grass when there is not enough sunlight to help.


Leaving the cut grass clippings on the lawn can help keep the soil moist. This will provide more water for the grass so you do not have to water as often. However, if the clippings are always kept on the lawn, they can create a buildup that absorbs the water, keeping it from getting to the roots. Eventually, the roots will grow into the thatch and not the soil. If you try to mow this lawn, all the grass will get picked up by the mower because there is nothing holding it in the ground. If the clippings have accumulated to more than 1/2 inch, it is time to make rake them up when the grass is cut.

If it is not possible to find an eco-friendly lawn mowing service in your area, consider buying the tools yourself and having the service company use them when mowing your lawn. This could start a new trend in your neighborhood. The more people who take care of the environment, the better it is for the community. Talk with the supervisor of your lawn mowing service about other ways you can work together to keep things (including the grass) green.

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