Healthy Tree Removal: When Selectively Removing Trees Can Improve Your Yard

29 October 2015
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Everyone loves beautiful trees, and watching them grow over the years can be very rewarding. Trees give a yard character and it's nice to have shady spots and privacy. However, it's also possible to have too much of a good thing. Trees that aren't going to fall on your house or get tangled in power lines can still limit how you use your yard and don't always enhance your landscaping. Even though it might seem counterintuitive to remove healthy trees, sometimes this is the best thing you can do for your yard. Here are some reasons to remove trees even if they aren't dead, diseased, or hazardous.

When They Are Competing with Each Other

Trees need water, sunlight, and soil nutrients. If trees are too closely spaced, taller ones and those with better-developed root systems will get more of these things than the others. It could create problems in the future when one tree is bigger and the smaller ones weaken. Removing one of tree (or more) can enable the others to thrive.

When They Are Choking Out the Vegetation

Trees can interfere with other vegetation, including your garden, shrubs, and grass. They can make areas too shady for flower gardens and drop leaves, fruits, and seed pods into your cultivated areas. Some species drop prolific seed pods that sprout and take nutrients away from the surrounding plants. Sometimes it's best to remove a tree that's healthy but dominating all the other growth in your yard.

When They Are Ruining Your Lawn

Not only can a tree create too much shade for the lawn to grow well, but it can also make mowing the lawn difficult. Surface roots can come up through the grass which can look terrible and ding your lawnmower blade. Removing a tree and filling the stump area can help restore a nice, lush, smooth lawn that's much easier to care for.

When They Simply Aren't Aesthetic

Not every tree you plant will mature into something that looks like its catalog picture. Instead of turning out majestic and ornamental, they can develop odd shapes and underwhelming foliage that don't enhance your yard at all. If it doesn't develop into a specimen tree that you really love, it's hurting rather than helping your landscaping.

It takes many years for a tree to mature, but that doesn't mean you have to have to be stuck with a tree that really isn't benefiting you. If you need to decide which trees should stay and which should go, enlist the help of a tree service like Desert Gardens Outdoor Services, Inc. These professionals can help you determine which trees enhance your yard the most and which ones will cause problems in the future. They can also get them out of your yard without affecting the rest of your landscaping.