4 Imaginative Items To Repurpose For Your Landscape Design

11 August 2015
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If you want to set your landscape design apart from the neighbors', you must break away from the brick, rock and paver materials bordering ordinary gardens. By using repurposed items to contain your garden areas, you increase the exclusive allure of your landscape design. You can use bed frames, vehicle rims, washtubs and toy trucks to take your garden to the next level. Check it out.

Bed Frames

Using a bed frame as the enclosure for your raised garden beds can make your landscape art look downright quirky. A wrought iron bed frame with an attached decorative headboard and footboard work the best. As an added bonus, you can use the headboard as a trellis that can help hold up your long vines or other unstable plants. When repurposing the frames for your garden, you may either leave the legs intact or cut them off to set the upper rectangular portion directly on the ground.


Washtubs provide deep-rooted plants with an immense amount of growing space without tapping into the native soil. By only utilizing potting soil, you eliminate the chance of dormant weed seeds growing through your garden beds. The washtubs can also hold a row of trellis to support vines and other top heavy plants. You may leave the tubs bare, polish the metal surface or paint a mural on the side. Make sure to drill holes in the bottom of the tubs to facilitate proper drainage before adding the soil and plants.

Vehicle Rims

If you prefer the look of small, spaced planters, consider using vehicle rims to hold your favorite small plant varieties. You must fully remove the tire from the rim to make this planter look like a decorative piece. You can leave the rim in its original state and let it rust, or spray it down with weatherproof paint before adding your plants. Either way, this type of planter is best used for inedible succulents that do not require constant drainage.

Toy Trucks

Like vehicle rims, the bed of toy trucks gives you just enough space to grow succulents of all kinds. The toy trucks lend a bit of nostalgia to your landscape design, which will inspire people to stop and tell you all about their favorite childhood memories. Make sure to pick trucks that are made entirely from metal for this project. Leave the toys in their original condition, as the slightly rusted surface is part of the charm. As for placement, angle the truck bed slightly downhill to help water drain out without having to drill holes.

Setting Up Your Layout

Just placing these innovative landscape features anywhere in your yard will quickly make the area look like a junkyard. Instead, you must play around with placement by sketching garden mockups. Once you find a landscape layout that makes your yard look truly attractive, start placing the found items in their ideal places and fill with the right blend of plants.