How to Make Your Front Landscape Sensational

30 July 2015
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Are you moving into a new home or are you redoing the front of your present home? Either way, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and beautiful.

The Basic Landscaping — Consider combining beauty with easy care.

Think about using grass or another ground cover along with a hardscape. Now only will this add appeal to the landscaping, but it will be great for the environment. The frosting on the cake will be that your utility bill will be lower, too, as you'll be using less water. Brick, flagstone, or pebbles are all good choices to use with ground cover. In addition, consider adding large rocks to add extra drama.

When you plant, consider placing decorative pots of different sizes among the hardscape. Using succulents, ferns, and grasses along with flowering plants will add interest to the landscaping. Another idea would be to have plants and decorative bird houses hanging from tree branches. 

Added Focal Points — Consider water in your landscape design.

Is your front yard small? If so, consider adding an outdoor fountain. They are very affordable and the installation would be so simple that you can do the job yourself. Even a multi-tiered fountain won't take up very much room. If you have a large front yard, consider having professionals build a pond as the focal point of your front yard. Or if you have a lake on your property, consider a lake fountain.

Think about having a floating water fountain as part of your pond creation. Professionals will be happy to help you design the fountain. If it's a very small pond, they may recommend a single fountain with water that shoots up about three feet. If it's large, they may recommend the installation of several floating fountains with multiple spray patterns that can as high as sixty feet, or even higher than that. You will also be given the choice of what kind of lighting to install, from a single white light to multi-colored lights. You can even select music to go with your lighting pattern.

It will be important for you to learn about pond aeration that will keep your pond clean. This will be especially important if you also have fish or plants in your pond as bacteria that grows in the water can harm them.

The Final Touch - Lights play a big part in your landscaping.

Your fountain has already provided a source of light. However, consider adding additional outdoor lighting to enhance trees, the path to your front door and other parts of your landscape design.