How To Build Your Own Retaining Wall Without Mortar

26 June 2015
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Most people think that building a retaining wall in their landscaping will require too much lifting and digging. In fact, one of the hardest and most tiring parts of building a normal retaining wall is applying the mortar and stacking the bricks. However, many customers do not realize that there are special retaining wall bricks that can be used without mortar. These are much easier to install and they are specially designed to look natural among your garden. This article will explain how to build a small retaining wall using retainer bricks. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Quality Lawn & Landscape.

Marking the Path of the Wall

The first step is to mark the path of your wall. The best way to do this is to lay your retainer bricks side by side, along the path of the wall. When doing this it is important to make sure that the surface is as flat as possible. Any small variations in the height or angle of the ground will start to be problematic as you stack the bricks higher.

Stacking the Bricks

When stacking the retainer bricks, you need to work with a shovel and a pile of soil. The job is easiest if you have one person shoveling and another person stacking the bricks. Each brick has a small ridge along the back edge that holds the piece above it in place. As you stack the bricks hire, you need to fill in the area behind them with soil. Every few rows, you want to pack the soil down. It might also be a good idea to wet the soil down as you are compacting it. Without the soil, the wall with basically fall backward after it was packed just a few rows high. Indeed, the wall might shift, but this will not be an issue as long as there is sufficient soil behind.

The soil will basically support the bricks and create a strong structure. Over time, as the soil shifts and compacts, you might need to add more soil to compensate. These brick retainers are popular not only because they are easy to install, but also because they are easy to remove. If you decide to take a wall out or redesign your garden, it is much easier to do if you use retainer bricks. You can reuse your old bricks for a new, different wall. This is why they are great for retaining walls of all sizes.