Three Signs You're Overwatering Your Lawn

22 June 2015
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When it comes to maintaining your lawn, watering is the most important step. Most people understand that if you fail to water your grass, it will die. However, some people are unaware of the fact that you can also overwater grass. Overwatering can be just as detrimental as not watering at all. Discoloration and fungus are just a couple of the consequences. In order to keep your lawn healthy, make certain you are able to recognize the signs of overwatering.

You Can Hear Yourself Walking

When you walk around your lawn after it has been watered, do you hear a squishing noise? If you answered yes to this question, chances are that you are over watering your lawn. The reason you are hearing this noise is that there is more water across the lawn than your soil can accommodate, similar to runoff. This isn't just over watering-- it's also a waste of water. Consider adjusting the output valve on your sprinkler or reducing the frequency at which you water your lawn.

Wilted Grass

Wilted grass is best characterized as grass that has curled tips or doesn't immediately spring back up when stepped on. Wilted grass can be confusing when it comes to lawn care. The primary reason this type of issue can be so confusing is that wilted grass is also a sign of under-watering.

However, if you're dealing with this type of problem and you know that you've been watering your lawn regularly, more than likely your wilted grass is a sign of overwatering. Again, adjusting your watering habits is the best solution.


If you've been watering your lawn regularly and you notice that fungus is starting to develop, over watering is likely also the reason. Fungus typically looks like patches of grey discoloration or blight. The excess moisture around your lawn serves as an ideal breeding ground for fungus to develop and spread.

In addition to over watering, the time of day that you are watering your lawn could also be the problem. Early morning is generally the best time to water your lawn. The reason for this is that the sun exposure throughout the day helps the excess water evaporate, instead of simply lying on your lawn.

While you might have good intentions, don't let overwatering ruin your beautiful lawn. A lawn care expert, like those at Valentino Lawncare, will be able to provide you with information on the best watering methods for your lawn.