Good Reasons To Consider Artificial Turf For Your Kids' Playground

16 June 2015
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When the weather starts warming up and school is soon to let out for break, many parents start wondering about summertime activities to keep their kids busy. If you are planning to build a playground in your yard so your kids will have a cool place to play outside, you do not always have to get rid of all the grass. Some people put concrete pads or mulch down for backyard play gyms, but by putting down artificial turf instead, you can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your kids' playground a lot more.

Fire Ants And Choosing An Area Of Your Yard

Maybe you have noticed one area of your lawn being more prevalent for fire ant hills. Fire ants usually do not choose any special area to build their nests. However, once they have settled into an area to nest, the queen lays thousands of eggs a year. By laying down artificial turf in the area you plan to build a playground, you lose the risk of fire ants nesting near outdoor toys and gyms. Unless you plan to lay turf in your entire yard (many homeowners do so in their backyards), making sure you also apply fire ant pesticides in other areas is vital if you have had them in your yard in the past.

Artificial Turf Does Not Attract Insects Like Real Grass Does

You might have also noticed some areas of your lawn having more mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love stagnant water and when water pools in areas of your lawn, you could be dealing with baby mosquitoes hatching out all summer long. If your child is sensitive to mosquito bites, laying down artificial turf is a good idea to avoid mud puddles standing in your yard. Artificial turf dries fast and is easy to clean and maintain, making it less attractive to insects like mosquitoes.

Artificial Turf Is Easier To Care For

If your kids love to run outside as soon as the rain stops, you could be dealing with wet shoes and socks when they come back in due to water muddles in the grass. Artificial turf cuts out the chances of mud puddles forming in your yard, a great benefit for busy parents. Cleaning artificial turf is done by simply spraying it off with a water hose. After your turf is dry, sweeping it with a stiff bristled broom can help it to stand up properly and look newer for longer.

The benefits of your kids being outside more so than cooped up inside playing video game all summer is great and well worth the time it would take you to learn more about artificial turf. If you have specific questions about artificial grass and how it could be used in your yard, contact a business like Turf Pro Synthetics, LLC.