Add Low Maintenance Beauty To Your Landscape With A Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree

1 June 2015
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If you're like many homeowners, you want a beautiful landscape that doesn't require too much maintenance. What you plant determines how much time you'll spend maintaining your lawn. If your growing zone is five through eight, you can plant a velvet cloak smoke tree to add beauty to your landscape, without having to worry about a lot of upkeep. This tree features deep purple leaves and presents pink flowers during the early portions of summer. This guide provides planting tips for each of the zones in which the velvet cloak smoke tree thrives. 

Planting Tips for Zone 5

If you live in growing zone five, you know that winter heaving, or frost, can be a problem for plants. With this in mind, plant a new velvet cloak smoke tree during the spring, so the frost won't damage a baby tree. This tree loves full sun, so make sure you choose a bright sunny area in which to plant.

Once winter hits and you experience the first heavy frost, add more mulch to prevent damage from future frost events.

Planting Tips for Zone 6

Zone six doesn't normally experience as many frost events as zone five. Therefore, you can plant in the spring or early fall. However, remember that the velvet cloak smoke tree loves the sun.

Planting Tips for Zone 7 and 8

Zones that don't experience hardly any frost at all, such as zones seven and eight, are ideal for the velvet cloak smoke tree. However, these areas can experience several dry spells where rain may not occur as often as needed.

Because the spring and summer seasons experience the most drought conditions, it's best to plant the velvet cloak smoke tree during the fall, but still in full sun. When spring and summer weather conditions are present, provide supplemental water with sprinklers or a garden hose to ensure that the tree is well hydrated. When you water, saturate the ground around the base of the tree well, but without standing water to prevent overwatering.

Plant the velvet cloak smoke tree during the proper season and you'll soon experience a virtually maintenance-free tree as a part of your landscape's design. Additionally, you'll add a little shade to the surrounding area, because this tree can grow up to 15-feet tall and can spread to 15-feet wide at the top. To add more beauty and color to your front or back lawn, choose plants, trees and flowers that grow under various conditions. Ask a landscape designer (such as one from All Season Landscaping) for more ideas on which plants work well together.