Cover Up The Hardscaping Of Your Home's Foundation With Some Clever Concealing Ideas

6 May 2015
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A great way to implement some color around your home's exteriors is with a foundation garden, which also conceals the drab look of concrete slabs and foundations in a bright and attractive way. These gardens work really well on the corner of the home, where the foundation walls meet and form an unattractive angle of cement.

Flowering gardens soften these hard edges and give this sunny spot some vibrancy, in addition to hiding any foundation damage, cracks, or imperfections that may distract from the overall curb appeal of your home. Try using the following tips when planning and planting your own foundation garden:

Shrouding shrubs

Shrubs provide a great gardening option that will subtly conceal the foundation of your home, while adding a lush, green accent to the curb appeal. Most shrubs are easy to care for, and these may do well in those spots that are shaded or that lack full sun. Shrubs make excellent camouflage for covering up cracks or decaying parts of concrete foundations, too. 

Towering flowers

These dramatic and wild-looking flowers typically love sun and will reach for the skies, some growing to a height of over six-feet. Use these plants in the back, closest to your foundation, as a base to build your garden on. Talk with garden retailers about native species and the most hardy types available.

Colorful accents

In front of your tall flowers, plant something a bit shorter, perhaps around a couple feet tall. This is where you will get the chance to choose a color scheme and select the flowers that you like best. For instance, try brightly-colored poppies, sky-blue daisies, and billowy baby's breath here.

Foreground focal points

In front of these colorful accent flowers, plant some intriguing focal points. Sea lavender is a good choice, providing an aromatic appeal to the space. Other options may include lamb's ears and bellflowers, each growing to heights around a foot.

Filler flowers

Use filler flowers to give depth and shape to your foundation garden. Tuck in some additional bits of color to give your display cohesion and fullness. Some great filler choices for your space include purple Gayfeather, golden Globeflowers, and blue-ish Scabious.

Consider adding a foundation garden to your home's landscaping, and camouflage your home's concrete foundation with a bright and colorful green-space. Talk with landscaping contractors or home and garden retailers to determine the best flowers and plants for your property, and to find hardy plants that fit your budget. Contact a company like Decorative Creations Inc. with any questions or concerns you have.