Great Spring Flowers For Sunny Flower Pots

31 March 2015
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If you have a lot of flower pots that are sitting around empty, now is the time to fill them up! There are a few great spring flowers that tend to thrive inside of flowerpots. However, it's important to pay attention to how much sunlight your flowers will receive. Here are a few types of flowers that will thrive in pots placed in sunny and semi-sunny locations.


Snapdragons are little flowers that grow close together on one stem. You can purchase dwarf, intermediate or tall varieties. The dwarf varieties only grow about six inches tall. If you are looking for something a little  taller, the tall varieties can grow up to three feet.

One of the best things about snapdragons are that you can plant them as soon as it starts to get warm. Even if a spring frost hits, your snapdragons should be able to withstand a little cold. If your plants start to drop in the summer, just cut off the dropping blooms, and more will grow in their place.

Balloon Flowers

The buds of balloon flowers look like little blown up balloons, hence the name. When the buds open up, the flowers generally have four or five petals. The flowers are generally deep purple or blue. You can sometimes find pink and white flower varieties, although these are not as common.

Balloon Flowers require very little maintenance. All you really have to do is plant the seeds in your flower pots during the early spring, and make sure you water them every day or so and keep the soil moist. They should flower all spring and summer.

Regular balloon flower species will grow about eight to ten inches tall. If you want something a little shorter or taller, you can plant either a dwarf or tall species of balloon flowers instead.


If you are looking to add some bursts of yellow and orange to your flower pots, look no further than the marigolds. These flowers have multiple layers of petals. Some species are only one color, and other species are a combination of yellow, orange and red.

As soon as it is warm outside, you can plant your marigold seeds. It may take about six weeks for them to poke their heads out of the soil. If you want that color a little quicker, you can purchase full-grown plants at your nursery as well. Although there are different size variations, most marigolds grow to be about six to eight inches tall.

All of the flowers listed above will thrive in flower pots that are placed in sunny locations. As soon as the warm weather hits, you can plant all of these flowers. Just make sure that you water them every night. All of these flowers need a lot of moisture to thrive, and watering them at night gives them the time they need to absorb all the water before the sun comes up again.

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