How To Successfully Add Hardscape To Your Yard

30 March 2015
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When you are planning your yard you might be thinking a lot about the grass and flowers. What many people do not understand is that the hardscape, or the man-made features that you add to the yard, are just as important. Choosing the right hardscape may be the difference between a mediocre lawn and a fantastic yard. Here are a couple tips for getting great hardscape in your lawn.

1. Choose A Focal Point

Just like when you decorate inside your house, you need to have one place of focus for the yard. This will make it easier to have some sort of theme in the yard and make the yard look organized instead of disheveled. For example, you could put in a really beautiful deck and have everything else flow off of it. Perhaps you want to add a pool and make it the main focus. Or you want to put in a water feature. Any of these things will make the yard look beautiful, and if you plan it right, you can keep it looking organized.

2. Don't Forget About The Green

When you add the hardscape, try to implement it into the landscape. For instance, instead of just keeping the deck plain, you should try and add potted plants on it so that the greenery and the hardscape look connected. This goes the same for water features, paths and so much more. It is important to keep everything looking connected and not like you have yard in one place and hardscape in the other.

3. Buy More Than You Need

This tip may be hard for some people who are trying to save money, but you really should buy more than you need for any project. This is because when anything is outdoors, you can expect that there will be damage over time. You will have to replace a good deal of the materials as the years go on. It can become very frustrating if you only bought a certain amount and then need supplies down the road, only to learn that they are discontinued. This is why it is important that you have a small stash of replacement materials, like specific pool tiles or custom-made bricks, so that you can keep the hardscape looking uniform.

By really thinking of the hardscape as an integral part of the lawn, you can get the exact look that you want. It just takes planning and an understanding of how to decorate a lawn. Work with a professional, like Michael's Landscape Design, to perfect your landscaping and hardscaping.