Your Lawn Company's Mission Statement And Service Determines Competitive Business Success

27 March 2015
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Lawn care services industry has had its ups and downs. Having endured an active downturn in the economy, polluted environmental concerns and weather conditions, lawn care manufacturers and lawn care service companies have rebounded from it all by using new trends in order to capture new customers while holding on to loyal clients as well. Hopefully, you can continue to get the best value for innovative and responsible product offerings.

Weather Wreaking Havoc

Weather was ghastly a year ago and ran the gamut from bitter cold temperatures on one coast to downpours of pouring rain on the other coast. Weather was a challenge to even the hardiest lawn care owners and their staff. Droughts brought on by hot temperatures joined in to wreak havoc in other areas of the country as weather extremes continued to plague lawn care services. Despite the many hits that the industry suffered, reports minimal industry growth for the 2014 year of bad weather.

Pleasing Your Customers

Gone are the days when customers had no give-and-take in the type of products they thought would best service their lawns and the environment. Products simply did not have the ingredients bottled as a joint remedy in the past. Educated consumers now examine product labels, and they only purchase products that are environmentally friendly.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this month registered oxalic acid as a pesticide to be used against parasitic varroa mites. The agency reports that the mites harm honeybee colonies, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture requested that the oxalic acid registration go forward.

Organic Trends

Environmental concerns have opened the way for organic products to become available to lawn care companies. Byproducts used in organic form consist of the very nutrients that benefit you as a consumer such as amino acids, which are the building blocks of life. Humans cannot thrive without amino acids, and that is a mighty good reference for organic products when amino acids are fed into the lawns of America by lawn care companies.

Crafting A Mission Statement To Please Customers

Your mission statement and the cultural aspects of the statement will define whether you sink or swim in a competitive lawn care industry. Craft a meaningful mission statement that is heavily customer-oriented. Be sure that your quality team is trained in Total Quality Management. Do it the Japanese way, and that is to involve every employee of your company in your decision-making rules and regulations. Every member of your team can contribute something important to your culture and associated mission statement that will benefit your customers.

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