Two Ways To Save Money When Purchasing A Headstone

26 March 2015
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Whether expected or unexpected, the death of a loved one is always a very emotionally difficult time.  The experience can be made even more complicated if you are struggling to pull together the funds you need to give your beloved friend or family member a proper sendoff.  One of the most important considerations that you will have to make involves the headstone that you select to mark the grave spot.  Headstones can be quite pricey, with basic designs costing between $250 and $600, while elaborate models with statues and shapes running as high as $6200.  Use this information to learn more about how you can save money on the next headstone that you have to purchase.

Purchase The Headstone Online

Although you may not be aware of it, buying headstones online is a great way to save money.  Some people mistakenly believe that the only way they can buy a headstone is to visit a local funeral home or vendor.  However, this is not true, since the Internet has thousands of websites that feature headstones for sale.

Purchasing a headstone online saves you money because funeral homes typically offer headstones as part of a total package deal, which will usually include the funeral itself, casket, service program, obituary, and the other necessary components of a funeral.  But, the price of the headstone itself can be drastically marked up, causing you to pay much more for a headstone that you could buy on its own for much less.

Buying the headstone separately through an online seller may prove to be the best way to save money.  Online vendors understand the need for urgency when dealing with customers who are purchasing headstones.  Most even offer expedited or overnight shipping at no additional cost to you.

Stick With Basic Colors

Another way for you to obtain an affordable headstone is to stick with basic colors when making your selection.  Although you may want to pay tribute to your loved one by designing a headstone in their favorite color, this will usually cost you more, because the manufacturer will have to dye the stone, a process which takes more time.

Colors such as black and gray are standard choices that require the least amount of work from the producer.  This keeps your costs down so you can obtain a headstone that fits your budget.

You have what it takes to honor your deceased friend or family member while still remaining within your financial borders.  The next time you need to buy a headstone, use these tips so you can save money on your purchase.