Creating Flower Planters With Logs To Decorate A Block Wall

26 March 2015
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Homeowners use a number of items for flower planters to place at the bottom of a block wall. The more creative you can get, the more your home stands out among the rest in the neighborhood. You could plant your flowers in the ground or traditional flowerpots, or you can have truly unique planters by using logs. To complete this project, schedule a day to perform these steps:

Step 1: Purchase Your Materials

Purchase a log from a store that sells firewood. Choose any size you like, but keep in mind that the longer the log is, the easier it will be to work with. You'll also need these items:

  • a chainsaw
  • a hammer
  • a chisel
  • a hand shovel
  • potting soil
  • flowers
  • a watering can
  • fertilizer

Step 2: Carve a Hole in the Log

Turn the chainsaw on and start cutting a small hole in the log a couple inches away from the end. Be careful not to go through the entire log.

Run the chainsaw all the way down the log, ending about a couple inches from the other end. Then make small cuts across the top of the long and work your way down the other side.

Use the hammer and chisel to tap out the bark and wood to finish creating the hole. Turn the log upside down and shake to remove any sawdust.

Step 3: Plant the Flowers

Place a layer of potting soil in the hole. Use the hand shovel to smooth it out. Set the flowers in the potting soil. Then cover the roots of the flowers with more soil.

Step 4: Water and Fertilize

Fill the watering can with water and evenly pour it on the plants. Fertilize according to the directions that came with the flowers.

Consideration: Because you'll need to fertilize the flowers, plant the same kind in one log. Different flowers require different fertilizer and methods of fertilization. If you want various types of flowers, use another log.

For a more colorful arrangement, place some colored pebbles on top of the soil and around the base of the flowers.

Step 5: Set the Log Planters in Their New Homes

Choose an area at the bottom of the wall that gets an ample amount of sunlight and set them in place. Place one at different sections of the wall, or make several to cover the entire length.

Keep an eye on your flowers to make sure they have plenty of water. Replace the flowers each year. Ask your landscaper for help if your flowers don't seem to be surviving well and aren't blooming like you expect them to.